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Our nursery blends indoor and outdoor play with animal magic to create an exciting, educational, and sustainable early years experience for children aged 2-5.


The holistic benefits of outdoor play are endless, from promoting physical wellbeing to creating a sense of community. At our nursery, we encourage the children to explore the natural environment by digging, building, mixing, splashing, growing and experimenting, all in line with the National Curriculum.

Our free flow outdoor space features water play, treehouses, mud kitchens, sand pits, den buildings, swings, slides, and so much more! It is accessible in all weathers, so wellies and puddle suits are a must! 


With Heads of Ayr Farm Park being our next-door neighbours, we work closely with the award-winning attraction to offer the children plenty of animal interaction, whilst teaching about conservation, biology, and sustainability. Children take regular trips to the farm park as well as visiting the surrounding woodland and beaches to discover the wonder of nature.

For many of us, animals enhance our quality of life and bring us great joy. They help us connect in different ways and can bring comfort and nurture as well as help reduce stress, improve attention spans, and so much more.

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Our indoor rooms feature a variety of activities and learning experiences to nurture creativity and encourage freedom of expression with play. Heads of Ayr Nursery is completely child-led, and your child can create and play however they choose to.

Our indoor area also features a cosy quiet space, a calming area to rest, relax, and promote mindfulness, all whilst encouraging their sense of well-being.

Arts & Crafts

Our Rooms

2-3 year olds are in the

Sunshine Room

3-5 year olds are in the
Rainbow Room


Our Mission Statement

To transform the lives of the children and families we work with, through creating a nursery which feels like home with an extended and supportive family environment. To enable children to have challenging and fun opportunities (outdoors and indoors) that will enhance creativity, motivation, imagination and passion in the early years of life. We will provide rich learning experiences whilst developing positive relationships and interactions, thus promoting children’s positive emotional and physical wellbeing.

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